Mixed Glitch Bags // Buy One Get One Free // MATTE

Mixed Glitch Bags // Buy One Get One Free // MATTE

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Matte / Premium Matte paper

A bag of imperfect stickers. If you buy multiple bags you may receive duplicate stickers but there aren't any duplicates in one bag.

The sheets include mixed skin tones/hair colours.

The imperfect pages are kit sheets, double boxes, date covers, functional stickers and glitter headers.

Bags contain 10 full sheets and lots of functional stickers/double boxes.

The imperfections include -
- Off-cuts
- Imperfect print quality
- Damaged sheets
- Missing stickers
- Stickers cut all the way through
- Old branded items
- Sample stickers
- Marked stickers
- Scraps (cut from other sheets but still useable)
- Seasonal stickers (Halloween/Christmas/New Year)
- Mini Kit sheets (still fits an vertical planners)

PLEASE NOTE : Colours may vary due to your computer monitor.

Coupon codes can not be used with glitch items. If you wish to place an order for other items and use a coupon code, these must be done separately. This is because glitch items are already heavily discounted.