Eco-Friendly Packaging | AD

Eco-Friendly Packaging | AD

Paper Chic Plans - Packaging 1With my line of work, I get through a lot of paper and because of that, I have always tried to be as eco-friendly as possible when it came to my packaging. I thought today I would share a closer look with you all at my packaging and the information regarding the eco-friendly properties.

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All my items come in a cello bag. This is to protect them from the elements and should the outer envelope get damaged, the cello bag should prevent the items inside from damage. 

They are made with renewable corn and other sugar starches, are fully compostable and 100% biodegradable. Stored in a cool, dark area, life expectancy is 12+ months, should you keep your items in this bag for a long time. Some of my bags say 'compostable' on them, others don't. This is because they are from two different companies, however all of my cellophane bags are compostable and 100% biodegradable. 


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Since selling my own washi tapes, I have introduced a new form of packaging, the glassine bag. I will also be sending my enamel pins in these bags as well. I wanted something a little different for the new smaller items and love the frosted look of these. 

Prior to ordering any new packaging, I always email to confirm if an item is recyclable etc. These glassine bags are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.


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When I've mentioned before that my vellum is biodegradable, I had a few shocked messages claiming they didn't realise. I too didn't realise it was until I was researching it as a possible packaging option. Traditional vellum was made from animal skin - yes, you read that correctly. However modern imitation vellum papers are made from plasticised rag cotton or fibres from interior tree bark. My vellum is made from wood pulp and is biodegradable. 

I will be changing up my packaging from a vellum sleeve to a thick nice quality paper sleeve instead. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, as a business move it's more cost effective for me as I can buy nearly 3 times the amount. Paper is known for being recyclable and biodegradable and therefore, my customers will already know it's eco-friendly and avoid the confusion of whether the vellum, is or isn't. 

Now my vellum has run out, I use a thick paper which of course is 100% fully recyclable. 


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I send all my stickers in a cardboard paper envelope, and my washi or bigger orders in a cardboard box, both of which are recyclable. My single roll washi orders and future enamel pins will get sent in a corrugated padded envelope. These are instead of bubble mailers which include the plastic bubble interior. They still provide adequate protection and feel very sturdy and are 100% recyclable & environment friendly.


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A new addition to my packaging is tissue paper. When I first opened my shop I wrapped all my orders in tissue paper, I then moved onto the vellum instead. For my washi tape orders or any item that is delivered in a box, I wrap it in a sheet of acid free tissue paper. This provides a nice appearance but also, holds the items together gently instead of everything moving all around the box during transit.

My tissue paper is acid free, compostable and recyclable. 


paper chic plans noissue


The noissue packing tape is perfect for sealing shut any orders. When they reached out to work with me I was so excited as their products are all eco-friendly and sustainable. The residue on regular parcel tape or cellotape doesn't break down, whereas the noissue tape it does. Made from 100% recycled contents and with soya-based inks, it's the perfect addition to your eco-friendly packaging. It's also water-activating and noissue send a handy little sponge to use alongside your new tape.


Paper chic plans


After taking all my measures to ensure I have the friendliest packaging, is there anything that isn't eco-friendly? The address labels on the front, and the stickers on the back aren't as the sticky residue doesn't break down. Just peel these off and recycle the rest of the packaging as normal.

*Updated 28/1/2021 : I now use a plant-based tape, Scotch Magic Tape, that has a plant-based adhesive. The tape is made from 53% renewable material and the packaging is 100% recycled cardboard and recycled plastic core.


Yes it is more expensive, the cellophane bags alone are nearly double the price of a regular plastic cello bag, but I feel it is worth it. A lot larger businesses are heading in the eco direction too which is great. The less plastic in circulation, the better our environment will be. 

I'm currently looking into tree donations as well, I'm just not sure how to go about it just yet but I will continue to do my research.

Thank you so much for reading and any questions you have, just leave them below. 

Claudia ✨

*Gifted item.

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